Hooking Up On AdsForSex

As most of my readers know I was a frequent user of AdsForSex until I ended up meeting my girlfriend on the site. After we split up I decided to start using the site again and things have been going very well. This time around I will NOT be getting involved in any sort of serious relationship with the girls I meet and I would advise anyone reading this to do their best to make sure they do the same. People need to understand that while AdsForSex is an awesome site, it’s mainly for hooking up and the girls you’re going to meet just aren’t all that interested in anything besides sex. Since I have resumed using the site I have already hooked up with three girls in the last month, pretty impressive! If you have been looking for a fun and discreet way to hookup with multiple girls, check out AdsForSex.com!

Back To Using AdsForSex

As most of you know this AdsForSex update was supposed to be about the first threesome I had, which was going to happen by finding someone on the site. Well, I’m using the site again but not because I am searching for a threesome. My girlfriend and I split up because she was still trying to hookup with people from the site behind my back! I can’t say I’m all that surprised though, since I met her on AdsForSex I should have expected something like this to happen. So now that her and I are no longer together I have started using the site again to find local hookups. AdsForSex still works great and I would recommend it to pretty much everyone. Just don’t be like me and end up with a girlfriend that you met through the site! Thanks for hearing me out and listening to my sob story, I promise my next one won’t be such a downer.

My AdsForSex Relationship

If you have been following my AdsForSex blog then you should already know that I recently started dating someone that I met on the site. Like I mentioned in my last post I wanted to fill everyone in on how things have been going. The weirdest thing for me was actually accepting the fact that I had met this girl on an online dating site. Sure I have always enjoyed using AdsForSex, but I’ll be honest with everyone and say that the last thing I figured I would fine on the site was a long term relationship lol! Another feature of the site that I hadn’t previously explored is the ability to search for people that are interested in threesomes and other types of group sex. When my girlfriend brought it up I was a little hesitant to even look into it but it seems like there are other couples on AdsForSex looking for a way to spice things up, just like we are! Check back soon for my next update, I’m planning on writing about my first threesome that came about courtesy of AdsForSex.

AdsForSex Update

It has been a little while since I last updated my AdsForSex blog so I figured it was a good time to check in with everyone and let you guys know what I have been up to. Believe it or not I recently started a relationship with someone so I haven’t been using online dating services as much. I’m sure everyone is curious as to how I met her, and yes… she was someone I met on AdsForSex! I never thought that I would find someone on the site that was looking for a serious relationship but hey sometimes unexpected things happen. This just goes to show that even a site like Ads For Sex that is generally used for discreet hookups can still be a place to find long term relationships. I would still recommend checking out the site, regardless of what type of sexual encounter you are seeking. I will be sure and make another post before long and let everyone know how things are going.

AdsForSex Member Picture

I was recently browsing the AdsForSex members area and there was a profile that really stood out to me. Instead of trying to describe how perfect I think this girl is, I figured I would post her picture here, which you can check out below my post. AdsForSex has continued to impress me with the wide variety of people you can find on the site. If you have any personal favorites that you enjoy chatting with, feel free to share their member information here, I’d love to continue growing my friends list on the site. Here is the picture I was telling you guys about, her profile name is marissamorgan33! What do you guys think? Have you seen a hotter member on AdsForSex?


AdsForSex Review

AdsForSex is still proving to be a useful tool for meeting new people. To be entirely honest I haven’t had much success finding dates in my hometown, for whatever reason there doesn’t seem to be much of a member base there. I recently went on another trip for work and AdsForSex delivered for me again. I was visiting Dallas Texas and found a girl named Jessica who was also visiting from out of town. Lucky for me she was done with work around the same time I was and we decided we would meet for dinner. During our meal it was apparent to me that the night wasn’t going to end there. After we were done eating Jessica and I headed back to my hotel and I won’t go into much detail, but I will say she was a total freak! Jessica is easily one of the naughtiest girls I have ever met on AdsForSex. I hope to find more hookups just like Jessica in the future, when I do I’ll be sure to update you guys.

AdsForSex Dating

AdsForSex has continued to be the perfect tool to give my love life a boost. If you took advantage of the free trial that I posted last week, by now you’ve surely come into contact with numerous matches in your area. I’m sure that you’ll agree that the members area of AdsForSex is extremely easy to use. Utilizing the search function makes locating hot hookups a breeze, and the amount of people looking for discreet sex was really surprising to me. Single moms, married women, and even college students just looking for a one night stand are all typical finds on AdsForSex. If you haven’t already given the site a try, I’d highly suggest checking it out. I even found some people I know on the site! It just goes to show that you never know how freaky some girls are, as innocent as the might look.

AdsForSex Free Trial

AdsForSex has continued to be a successful source for meeting new dates. If you’ve read my last post you’ll know just how easy it can be to find a hookup. If you haven’t read it be sure to check it out after reading this post. Today I found out that for a limited amount of time AdsForSex is going to be offering free trial memberships to any new members. If you have been considering trying out the site this would be the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about. Plus, if you don’t like the results you can walk away from it without losing anything. I don’t have any idea how long this offer will be good for so if you have the time I’d recommend checking it out as soon as possible. After giving AdsForSex a try be sure to come back to my blog and leave a comment, I’d love to hear about other people’s stories.


AdsForSex is a popular online dating site that I recently started using and have found a good amount of success with. I recently traveled to San Diego for a business trip and before I left I figured I’d try to arrange a date on one of the nights I was in town since I’d have plenty of time in the evenings after I was done with meetings. I started browsing through some of the AdsForSex members located in the San Diego and stumbled upon a profile I really liked, a 26 year old chick by the name of Kristina. I’ll admit I have a weakness for tall, slender, brunettes. So once I spotted her I knew I had to do my best to try and arrange a night out with her. Luckily Kristina wasn’t busy the night I wanted to go out and was happy to arrange dinner plans with me. Now, I’m happy that all we did was have dinner. Kristina is extremely attractive, but the reason why she’s single is crystal clear. Thirty minutes into our meal and she’s already asking me about meeting her parents and questioning me about long term relationships! If you find Kristina on AdsForSex I have two words of advice for you, keep looking!


Welcome to my new AdsForSex blog! I created this blog to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the site and to also talk about people I’ve come in contact with on the site. I am currently using AdsForSex as a tool to meet new people, I’ve used other online dating sites as well and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the success I have had using the site. I have of course dealt with some weirdos as well. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to or not but in future reviews I’ll post whatever information I have about the strange people I’ve run into on the site. Hopefully I can save some of the readers of this site from having to meet the same people! If anyone would like to add their own story about their experience with AdsForSex feel free to leave a comment on the site.