AdsForSex is a popular online dating site that I recently started using and have found a good amount of success with. I recently traveled to San Diego for a business trip and before I left I figured I’d try to arrange a date on one of the nights I was in town since I’d have plenty of time in the evenings after I was done with meetings. I started browsing through some of the AdsForSex members located in the San Diego and stumbled upon a profile I really liked, a 26 year old chick by the name of Kristina. I’ll admit I have a weakness for tall, slender, brunettes. So once I spotted her I knew I had to do my best to try and arrange a night out with her. Luckily Kristina wasn’t busy the night I wanted to go out and was happy to arrange dinner plans with me. Now, I’m happy that all we did was have dinner. Kristina is extremely attractive, but the reason why she’s single is crystal clear. Thirty minutes into our meal and she’s already asking me about meeting her parents and questioning me about long term relationships! If you find Kristina on AdsForSex I have two words of advice for you, keep looking!

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